And so the Adventure Begins…..

Begun it has already… be precise with a flight to Toronto an Saturday evening to attend the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress 2019 to represent the European Companion Animal Veterinary profession at the Metro Conference Center.

What better way to start my visit with an early morning run along the shoreline of Lake Ontario

It was great to see that there appears to be some sensible breeding of brachycephalic dogs over here when I bumped into this 12 week old puppy (and her owner) featuring a decent nose !…

Love to see more puppies like these!

At the moment I am attending the WSAVA Assembly meeting, a gathering of veterinary leaders from all over the world

and we are looking into ways to improve the quality and the provision of continuing education for veterinary professional s all over the world.

So what’s the point?…..

So what is the idea behind this blog ?……

For the last 20 years I have had the great pleasure of looking after the dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, lizzards, snakes, chickens, koi carps and many more usual and unusual pets of the residents of Virginia Water, one of the most picturesque places in Surrey in England.

I enjoyed working with a wonderful team of colleagues and friends (and with our very special canine companions who often accompanied us to work…) but over the last few years both veterinary medicine and the world around us changed dramatically and opened – at least for me – a lot of new opportunities, so that I felt that the time was right to hand over the responsibility for my patients and for my team to someone else and to pursue a different, possibly more complex way of life of a practicing veterinary surgeon .

At the beginning of June of this year, our small team was joined by Victoria Rudolph (see image at the top), a colleague who had worked for the last 14 years as an assistant in a veterinary hospital in Windsor and as it turned out, had also worked as a locum for me a few years earlier. I quite frankly couldn’t have asked for a better “replacement” ……within just a few weeks she took all my often long established patients to heart and enchanted not only our clients but the whole team (and their pets !….). Seeing that everything was left in kind and caring hands, considerably reduced my bad conscience and reassured me that I had made the right decision……

So what is this decision and what is going to happen from here on a lot of my clients and also my friends and colleagues are wondering…….well, whatever it will be, at least I don’t think that it will be boring…..

As already mentioned, the veterinary world has changed (and still is changing a lot) and all the voluntary work I have done over the last few years as a member of BSAVA, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and especially my various activities as a member of FECAVA have whet my appetite to once again explore the veterinary universe, to visit and to learn from some outstanding colleagues and to work together with new teams both here in the UK and in (hopefully) a lot of other places in the world.

What you can expect from this block (if you are interested to follow me on this journey….) is (probably – we will find out….) a combination of a travel diary with a lot of veterinary stories, with visits to some beautiful and possibly also to some unusual places on this planet, with some unforgettable people and with certainly a fair amount of weird and wonderful unpredictable stories thrown into the mix……

I hope that you will enjoy this blog!……….

The Blue Vet Diary

Why “Blue”?…….

Well, I always liked to work in blue and I think that it is the best colour if your are working with small animals as I have done for the last 25+ years. White is reflecting too much light and might frighten some patients and it is also not very practical unless you have very good nurses holding your patients….. Green is ok, but is too traditional and should possibly be more reserved for working with farm animals.

Blue is also the colour of the cat and the dog in the logo of FECAVA, the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations, an organisation which has taken up most of my spare time for the last ten years and which I am at the time of writing this I am serving as its President.

And finally is blue the main colour of the European flag, a continent I am lucky to have been born in and a place on this globe that has a diversity and cultural richness in close proximity as no other place on Earth…..