The Blue Vet Diary

Why “Blue”?…….

Well, I always liked to work in blue and I think that it is the best colour if your are working with small animals as I have done for the last 25+ years. White is reflecting too much light and might frighten some patients and it is also not very practical unless you have very good nurses holding your patients….. Green is ok, but is too traditional and should possibly be more reserved for working with farm animals.

Blue is also the colour of the cat and the dog in the logo of FECAVA, the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations, an organisation which has taken up most of my spare time for the last ten years and which I am at the time of writing this I am serving as its President.

And finally is blue the main colour of the European flag, a continent I am lucky to have been born in and a place on this globe that has a diversity and cultural richness in close proximity as no other place on Earth…..